Thursday, June 30, 2005

I Wanna Talk About Me, Wanna Talk About I

So Ben and Milo flunked their speech evaluations and were admitted to the Penn State Graduate Department -- see sidebar -- GOSH I'm funny!

It's now official. They'll spend two mornings a week getting Speech Preschool from a gaggle of pretty young graduate-level speech therapists and then Milo will go twice a week for articulation therapy and chances are really good that Max will end up in their stuttering/stammering program.

We'd never be able to afford it all except that a) the preschool is basically paid for by whomever is loaning these kids money to go to graduate school and b) my parents are paying for a large chunk of the speech therapy. (Did I mention my grandfather was a professor emeritus of Speech and Hearing at Ohio State? Yep.) The twins will get two mornings of preschool a week for $10/month each. The woman taking the message from me that we were withdrawing the twins from the cooperative preschool was telling me that if they had room we could reapply for the spring and I found myself secretly hoping they'd get to do the preschool all year. After all, thanks to a November birthday, the twins can go to this preschool for two more years after '05-'06. There's plenty of time to pay more for preschool. It does seem to be THE place to send your kid. I keep meeting new people and finding out that, yep, they send their kid there. OOh, yeah. We're hip. Well, we were anyway. Now we're back to being geeks.

I'm trying not to get paranoid about the fact that two perfectly intelligent, involved parents ended up with three of the noisiest kids to ever not speak properly, but there it is. For three guys who can't speak well, they sure never shut up.

Okay, I'm kind of upset about it. What did we do wrong?


Fernando Ramon Aztecas said...

Nando, he needs some of the help. Weeth hees speech, yes. Nando weel supervise the meenions in their classes. Si. Introduce Nando to the graduate studencios. . .

Risha said...

What did you do wrong? You had twins. Which was perfectly right. Just like my having a preemie was, in a cosmic sense, perfectly right. The fact that he got a double dose of attitude because he was a preemie (certainly couldn't be because of his heritage) wasn't anyone's fault.

Enjoy the $10/month preschool. Last year we were paying something like $350/month per kid.

Writing and Living said...

Why should Ben and Milo learn to talk? They've got this other person the same size that understands everything they say. They don't have the problem, it's the rest of the world that doesn't speak their language that has the problem.

Mommy-angst. Isn't it fun?

Dy said...

Yeah, Zorak is a genius and at near-40, he still only thinks - and therefore, speaks - in sentence fragments. It'll be ok. ;-)

I'm glad things are coming together. It sounds really great!


Niffercoo said...

I'm right there with ya, Alaska! Reece is supposed to be my one I did everything 'right' with: my first nursling, the first one to be cloth diapered from the beginning. Now I have a 40 month old who can't talk, can't figure out how to use the potty, and can't integrate her senses properly. So I'm right there with you: What did I do wrong?

On an up note, that price for the speech therapy is amazing! I'm paying $60 a week for one 30 minute session, and a $20 copay for the Occupational Therapy! It sounds like the boys will have a blast and hopefully learn alot! :)

When do they start?

The Queen said...

Well I should clarify -- the preschool is $10/month per kid, but the therapy is $40/50 minutes, times twice a week.

STILL, I recognize that's a much better price than typical private practice. And their fascilities really are good.

jason said...

My sister-in-law (Karen's brother's Wife Julie) graduated from the Speech Language pathology program at Penn State.I'll see if she can add a little color comentary to you description of things.