Thursday, June 23, 2005

Doctor, Doctor, Give Me the News . . .

I got a -- bad case of lovin' you!

Did you know that Robert Palmer is dead?!? I totally missed that. September, 2003 in Paris, France. Heart attack.

Anyway. Today I went to see my new doctor and was just thrilled with the place. They got me in at the time of my actual appointment. They were friendly and polite. the nurses seemed clever and not so overworked that they couldn't smile at you. My new doctor looks to be about my age or a little younger. She's got GREAT hair. Red, long, curly. Wish I hair like that.

And I had a few things I wanted to talk to her about. We zipped through the list and agreed to see each other again briefly next month. I got refills for the stuff I needed refills for. And I left.

It is such a pleasant thing to say, "I read X and I read Y and I have this question because of it" and not have the doctor make fun of you for reading around on the internet. She just said, "Yep, personally I think we should try xxx," and I said, "me, too!" and the rest of the visit was that again in repetition. ::: happy dance :::


Remember Socrates? He had this buddy who went to see the Oracle and for whatever reason, the question he put forth to the Oracle was, "Is there anyone smarter than Socrates?" and the Oracle replied, "Nope." Socrates was so blown away when he heard this, so the story goes, that he began a quest to see, basically, what other people knew. He was in search of the guy smarter than he. It would seem that after some time passed, he decided maybe the Oracle had a point and he went on to urge people to start thinking a little more and be a bit more introspective.

I wonder what the Oracle would say if I said, "Is there a better place on earth than State College, PA?" At the very least I suspect she'd smile and say, "Not for you. What are you doing here? Go home."

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Dy said...

"Not for you. What are you doing here? Go home."

That is a very good feeling. I'm so glad you have found your Home. :-)