Friday, June 17, 2005

Not Crud

My own husband was getting mad at me for not blogging. "Crud! Crud! Crud!" He said today. "That's all it's said since TUESDAY!" I had no reply for that.

It's been one of those weeks where I have not enjoyed working for myself because there has been noone else to blame for how miserable my work was this week. Just plain too much to do. An early night to bed was 2 AM.

I got a check I've been waiting for and I still haven't had two minutes together to sit down and pay bills (I did call the auto insurance people and pay them, but that's as far as I got). I get to pay everyone else tonight after the twins are in bed. Yee-haw.

I did end up switching us to Verizon DSL even though the adelphia cable gal was helpful and did make the service better. It was faster and it cut out less often. But it still cut out repeatedly. That just never happens with our DSL. Then Verizon made it even easier to let go of adelphia by turning on the DSL three days earlier than promised.

We returned the adelphia equipment, cut the cable TV back to PBS and two black and white channels (okay, but you know what I mean), and have surfed along back in DSL land ever since.

Spring YMCA swimming came to an end and we were getting ready to fork over the money for summer YMCA swimming when I ran across something on the community swim team. This program looks noisy, over-crowded--fun! Fun is good. So I made some calls and the next thing we knew, we'd temporarily ditched the Y for the community pool. He can still go back to the Y in August, but the next 8 weeks are highly chlorinated outdoor swimming.

Among other advantages, if he's not AT the Y, he doesn't risk swimming well enough to move up to the next level. We don't want him to move on to the next level this year because then he has to swim five nights a week. Five nights a week is BAD because he wants to play football for two of those nights. BUT if he stays in the lower group, it just happens that those two nights are the two nights he has off. SO everybody wins.

So the rec program looks like it's a hoot and half. There are twelve kids his age (instead of, oh, two at the Y) and they share two coaches who are actually old enough to drive. They're on top of things and Chris thinks Max might actually be burning some calories in this workout. They have one meet a week -- the first one being next Tuesday. Since they'll have been swimming for less than a week together, this is actually a "mock meet" with ice cream social. Hey, I'm for that!

erm, what else. So today I worked till noon and then we had a nice lunch and walked over to the playground. We met Jill and her kids there and they all ran around like lunatics. Then Jill's older daughter came over and played with Max for the rest of the afternoon. I accomplished a lot of puttering around and not much else. I pushed people on swings (they're really demanding, actually. PUSH HARDER!!! PUSH ME! PUSH ME!) and threw the green and white tennis ball for Emily a million billion times until she collapsed on the lawn in front of me in a position that said clearly, "I can't move, but you can still scratch my ears if you want." So I did.

Okay, Max says it's family game night. Off to play Lego Creator.


Donna Boucher said...

What a fabulous looking blog. I dare you to be down while looking at this beautiful page!!!
Love the little photos at the top too!


Writing and Living said...

Very cool blog. Glad to see you're posting and doing well.