Thursday, June 02, 2005

Snap Shot

Chris singing this morning as he puts on his shoes:

"You may be right!"
:::makes music noises:::
"I may be crazy,
but it just might be a
pooooooodle you've been looking for!"
:::Emily, watching him adoringly from a distance of two inches licks his face copiously. Chris coughs and sputters.:::

The twins are practing their rolls across the living/reading room floor. Milo wants to do a somersault but hasn't quite figured it out yet. Ben is trying to teach Milo "leap frog jumping" but it soon becomes apparent that other than knowing that Milo is supposed to crouch really, low, he's not sure what to do next. They give up and play a sort of follow the leader doing to footed jumps across the floor and into the kitchen. Since they have the typical lead-in-the-bone-marrow constitution of our family, this sounds like THUD THUD THUD THUD giggle, giggle, giggle.


Poppins said...

And a good morning to you, too!


Risha said...

Chris is really in a Billy Joel Pennsylvania State of Mind lately, isn't he?