Sunday, June 05, 2005


Quiet day. Church and some unpacking and organizing and then a long nap and dinner and some knitting and >poof< it was the end of the day. It's a quarter to ten now and I'm trying to brave the continued climbing humidity to get some more knitting done.

Emily wants me to turn the fan back on. She's hot. She keeps standing in front of the fan with her tongue hanging out and looking at me hopefully.


Dy said...

Turn the fan on. It's only going to get worse!

*she writes from directly in front of the fan... at midnight...*

Amira said...

It's downright chilly here- I had to wear a coat yesterday to get the mail. In June!

I can't remember if you've talked about your ward much. Is it a good ward?

The Queen said...

It's a wonderful ward :) But I've only been last week and the week before. I was afraid of getting called to a new position while I still had boxes in the hallway ;)

Turns out my fears were justified! This past Sunday they were asking me what positions I've held in the past, etc. I predict I'll have a new calling before I turn 37 (four weeks).

Amira said...

I'm glad it's a good ward. I wouldn't be surprised if you have a calling quickly. When we were attending a ward in PA we had callings within a few weeks. And then more came later. I do like being in a smaller ward though. It seems easier to get to know more people and there's a quicker connection.