Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Just when you think you're off to slay some corporate beast, they complicate things by giving you someone with a bean of intelligence. She fixes the problem that has plagued you for nearly two months and suddenly you have to figure out how to cancel the NEW service you'd arranged to replace it.

Our high-speed internet cable service has been nothing but a thorn in our sides. It cuts out constantly. Sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes for a few hours. A call to technical support blamed it on a faulty modem (actually, on THAT day, it was because the service was out to half our county, but she kept insisting that it wasn't that). We replaced the modem (driving to their location to do the exchange and standing in line with a lot of other angry people) and tried to make do with the horrible connections. In general, as near as we could tell, cable internet meant slow connections and constant loss of service.

Well, apparently when they signed us up, they signed us up for both regular AND premier internet service. And they can't travel over the same line. So they competed. Hence barely working internet. She turned off the premier, credited the account for two months of charges, and told us to try it for a day before turning our equipment in.


She said the changes would take effect as soon as she exited the account which would be fairly soon after we got off the phone with her. Chris signed on as I was telling him about the conversation and his jaw dropped. "This is the fastest internet I've ever experienced."

So. Ugh. Now I may have to cancel the DSL order with verizon. I still want cheaper services though. We're dropping any extras from the cable service and that will help. What's the cheapest way to do phone service? Vonage and an emergency landline? Anyone here have vonage? Like it? hate it?

Whoops! There's another service blip. And there's another one. It's hardly noticeable on firefox -- it's on AOL that it's a big problem. Maybe if I ditched AOL? I love my AOL, but it would another $14/month I wouldn't have to spend . . . but oh gosh, to have to change all those email addresses!


Melissa said...

We bought a Vonage adapter and service for my husband to take when he travels to China. It works great, but with two small children I don't want to get rid of our landline. The big issue for me is that if there is no electricity and no internet service - there's no telephone.

PuppDaddy said...


My wife got a pretty new blog but is too busy working to write pretty things in it.