Saturday, June 04, 2005

Happy Birthday, Baby

My baby turned nine yesterday. We're celebrating it again today because we figure, seeing as how he was born a bit after nine pm on June 3rd in PST, that means that in EST, he was born a bit after midnight on June 4th. Yesterday I worked most of the day while Chris ran errands and worked on the house. Then we went for groceries together and came home just in time for our guests to arrive. We had friends visiting from Ohio. They're nearby for a wedding this weekend and I hadn't seen them since her mother's wedding five-ish years ago. They have a beautiful daughter now, nearly three, are expecting a baby (she thinks a son) in another two and a half months, and they are a young, good-looking, smart couple. We had a great time.

Max got boisterous and a bit over-the-top towards the end. All my boys were WAY too loud most of the evening. They were having a great time. RIGHT after they left yesterday's lunch of refried black beans and cheese with blue corn chips caught up with Milo and while he got most of the damage in the potty, he didn't get it all. It was a horrific hallway mess and I felt completely traumatized by the situation. After I got the worst of it cleaned up I got the boys in bed, picked up everything on the floor of the twins room (that needed to happen anyway), vacuumed, and then shampooed that part of the hallway and their room. In the end I decided it was just as well since their room looks a LOT better now.

After all of that though, I was beat. Any intentions of staying up vanished and I crawled off to bed. I'm caught up enough with work to be a tiny bit less panicked, thanks to some help from another editing friend. I promised Chris I would go the weekend without working and I'm doing my best to do that.

Today is a Max day. My brother and his lovely wife are coming up later this morning and we'll eat, birthday party, and be merry. Ben says he has a cough in his mouth. Milo says he needs a "tithoo". So maybe we have a little summer cold.

Off to walk the dogs and get a start on the day. It will be a big, busy day.

Did I mention that my BABY is nine? He's so big and tall. I'm going to blink and find him at my height. He's still so young and yet at the same time I find myself worrying that here we are at the halfway point to 18. Have I been enough so far? I'm not really sure. I'd better keep working at it. But gosh, he's a wonderful kid.

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Dy said...

Oh, HAPPY HAPPY belated birthday, Max!

Nine! Wow. Good job, guys. Keep up the great teamwork and he'll be just fine.