Saturday, June 25, 2005

Come Mr. Tallyman, Tally Me Banana

I'm in a grouchy mood because I didn't want to work through this weekend and yet, here I am. So humor me while I take a break from all that.

For dinner tonight we're having this healthier version of Shephard's Pie. It's on the final "bake in the oven for thirty minutes" stage, so this is probably premature, but I think it's coming out wonderfully and I can't wait to eat it. As I was making it though it occurred (okay, it says there's spell check above but I can't seem to figure out how it works? Any hints? I think my occurr is over populated but I'm not sure in what way. Too many r's? occured?) to me that you could probably use cauliflower "fake" potatoes -- you slightly oversteam some cauliflower and then mash it like potatoes. It looks and feels like (has the texture of) mashed potatoes, but of course, it's ever so slightly ahead of potatoes in the nutrition department. I'm still using up a #10 can of potato pellets so I'm not tempted to try it right now, but it's there for the future.

Eating well is still benefitting us. Obviously if I'm making the occasional apple pie then I'm not taking things to extremes. But Max is down 7 lbs from start and when I last weighed myself I was down another three pounds. He grew 3/4 of an inch since start, too. 7 lbs doesn't sound like much but when you combine it with a 3/4 inch growth it means that his BMI is down from "severely overweight" to "overweight" and that means that I'm down from "severely bad mother" to "bad mother" and things are looking up ;)

I knit two swatches for my pants project and picked the second swatch. The first one -- seed stitch on size 3 needles -- is REALLY cute, but too stiff. It's working out better on size 5 needles with the seed stitch. The seed stitch just gobbles up yarn though.

I think I may have a solution for my sweater problem. Unfortunately it involves buying more yarn (maniacal laugh). I found a nice pattern for a sweater set and the yarn I have would be perfect for the smaller shell. I'd just need to buy more yarn for the accompanying cardigan.

Of course at the rate I get things done, I can go ahead and knit it in size twelve because that's the size I'll be by the time I finish it. right?


Risha said...

Shepherd's Pie. That's your spell check

The Queen said...

Oh, crud. I should know that one by now. It on my mental list of "words I misspell EVERY time I write them so just go ahead and look them up again why doncha!" But my mental list is on the fritz and nothing happens when I push the spell check button on my blog . . .