Monday, June 27, 2005

I'm Hot Blooded, I'm Hot Blooded!

This is a very funny e-mail from my aunt, so I decided to make her today's guest blogger.

A little background: the family farm is so rural that it really *is* near impossible to get regular service people out there to look at anything when it breaks. I ran into this when the pump broke while we were there. Nobody really wanted the job . . . thank goodness for family friends.

Anyway, from my guest blogger, Aunt Charlotte.

And the LORD GOD looked down on his good and faithful servant, Charlotte, and saw that she was sorely troubled. In fact, visions of "For Sale" signs danced in her head at the farm. Not only was the AC not working and it was 95 degrees, and she could not get ANYONE to return her calls about it, but it appeared to her that one of the ceiling fans was falling out of the ceiling! So the LORD GOD, decided to cut her a break, and sent Russ over to look at the fan, (it's not falling, it's shot! the motor is resting on the blades- go figure. Something about ball bearings. Sure, he has been released from his doctor to return to work, so he will pick up 2 and install them, and why don't you try Todd Keeling of Hillsboro for the AC?) So the good and faithful servant called Todd, and was encouraged that at least he had an emergency phone number. And the valiant Todd came over, on Saturday, between his son's ball games in the 95 degree heat, and DID SMITE THE EVIL BEES THAT HAD TAKEN OVER THE MOUSE NEST IN THE AC UNIT, causing it to not work. (go figure, again- something about terminals not drawing?). All the while apologizing that he would have to charge me the weekend rate ($55 for the service call), plus the cost of cleaning out the bees. (AS IF I CARED!) He would not charge me for the mouse nest, however, since that was related to the bees.

And the LORD GOD looked down, and was pleased. His good and faithful servant, Charlotte, was smiling at the cute little bunny (from inside her cool living room) as he ate the contents of the kitchen garden (It is hard to be angry at a bunny who likes dill as much as I do, and has EATEN ALL OF IT. Tomato plants are doing fine though), and the cute little "chip-a-monk", as he ran around, and the cute little baby birds (real little! tufts of down on their heads, not feathers- don't know if they can survive the heat, but at least 2 had lived to Sunday). AND IT IS GOOD.

Yeah for AC! And thanks for the smile Aunt-ie Gwamma Charlotte (as Milo would say).

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