Saturday, June 04, 2005

Saturday Night

So I ran errands with the twins this morning and made it back shortly before J and K got here. I made enchiladas while J and K, who are used to bugs, having not lived the last year and a half in the bug-free California desert (I mean, we had rats and other icky things, but we had no gnats and that IS a bonus.) played in the backyard with the kids. We all sat down for lunch and talked and ate and drove the kids nuts having out "adult" conversation (I say adult because we were doing what the adults did when I was a kid, but I made no claims to being all grown up) which only post-poned the cake. Finally, we took pity on the kids and had the cake which was this really cool collection of cupcakes and icing. A whole LOT of sugar died to make that confection. Yum.

Then Max opened presents and after oohing and aahing and yaying over everything, it was decided to break in one of the presents from J and K, which was an air-pressure fueled rocket with a foam "nose cone." Actually, there are two rockets, so you can keep playing even after the first one lands on the roof. When they're both on the roof, then you send Uncle J up there to go get them.

While he was up there, he cleaned out our gutters, which just goes to show you how blessed I am to have this man as my brother. THAT is love.

So the rest of the afternoon passed in happy bliss and then they had to go because they had another family event which I think also involved cake at a location about three hours away.

So I attacked the yard which was looking rather over grown. Especially since my neighbors on both sides were up mowing their respective lawns at 8am. It had rained most of the week, so the lawn was about a half foot high and had gone, in one week, completely to seed. I thought a lawn had to be abandoned for a few weeks before it would do that, but here it had been one week and we had little grass seed stalks everywhere. So I mowed and I weed whacked. The weed whacker is very heavy. It's a gas weed whacker that we picked because it claimed to be easier to start than most of its contemporaries. This seemed partially true. But it was definitely heavy and I struggled to get it to do what I wanted it to do, but when all was said and done, the house had lost its neglected look and I was mostly pleased. I took a shower, crawled into my jammies and have barely moved since.

I made an appointment for this year's school pictures. Picture day for the Three Beacon Academy is the Friday before the first Monday of school. The first Monday of pre-K/fourth grade will be July 11, so July 8th is school picture day. Now I need to make a barber shop appointment for earlier in that week :) Maybe I should get a hair cut myself. I'd kind of like to have a picture with my boys this year myself.

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