Monday, August 08, 2005

Because, Like Sarah, I Am a Raving Lunatic

So, as we like to do, we rewrote the schedule again and are trying to stick to it. It's a process, this getting to the "right" schedule/routine as I keep reminding the Pupdaddy. I think he went and dug up the schedule after I didn't come home when he was expecting me to (and there it was, "Chris feeds twins lunch. Alaska and Max to piano lessons.")

This time along we were aiming to incorporate some sports changes (out: early AM swim team practice. in: late evening football practice) and to try to figure out a way that I could get some work done and the twins could get some attention.

Of all things, we decided we'd try sending Max and I to the library where I could oversee hs-lessons and work and Chris would stay home and tidy and play with the twins. On Mondays, we detour on the way home for lunch and have the piano lesson. Every other day, we come home for a late lunch and then Chris takes Max for afternoon hsing and I keep the twins alive (this involves less interaction than the AM with Chris) while doing the second half of my work day.

Today we got off to a late start because we're still playing catch up from getting sick and for the life of me I can't get out of bed at my goal hour. So we were about 40 minutes late getting out the door and then the first thing we did was go to The Waffle House for a cheap breakfast. Two blueberry pancakes and an egg for $4. Max did his reading and I started sketching out the next five lessons that I need to turn in this week. We were there about an hour, talking in between reading and writing, enjoying this nice breakfast, and it was one of those sunshine moments you don't forget later. What a handsome, funny, brilliant kid.

From there we headed over to the library where I worked and he did math, latin, and some piano (written piano book stuff). Tomorrow I'm hoping we'll get off to the library earlier (we'll eat breakfast at home) and be able to get grammar, spelling, and composition in there like I had planned. It will work or it won't. I was pleasantly surprised by what I got done and feel like it did work for me. I didn't have the productive afternoon I wanted, but that's what I get for not getting my bread-making done this weekend. I did get some of my food storage reorganized and I cooked a bunch of oatmeal and nine-grain cereal and bagged it into 1-cup servings so I can just thaw it and add it to my regular whole-wheat bread next time. Adding the extra step of cooking the grain and letting it cool was more time consuming than I thought and I burned the first batch of oatmeal when the phone rang.

So we'll see. It might work to do it this way, it might not. I'm trying not to get my hopes up. But having me work all day at home wasn't working either. There were just too many interuptions.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm not a *raving* lunatic. I'm more of a cuddly lunatic bunny.

I love your library idea. It's something I've wanted to do ever since I thought about hsing the first time, but in my dream we go out for tea and muffins and all do our Sustained Silent Reading. So far, we've had tea, and we've had muffins, but the Sustained Reading and the Silent Reading haven't shown up at any of our parties.


PuppDaddy said...

Ok. That blows. You are peacefully eating restaurant breakfast while I have Evil's Twin Minions of Chaos screaming at me for putting milk on their rocks.

rocks: 1) Cocoa Bumpers healthy and exorbitantly expensive version of Cocoa Puffs breakfast cereal 2)any pizza topping.
ex: "Mooooommmmmmm. I wanda peessa wif ROCKS on it!"

The Queen said...

Yeah, in the words of Rolf the Dog, "Sorry 'bout dat." We had to get out the door, I didn't want any "rocks" for breakfast, and The Waffle House just seemed like a good way to get both breakfast and an outline of writing traits.

I'll make it up to you with scrambled eggs and toast in the morning. For future reference though, Milo never *ever* puts milk on his cereal. Ben only does so if Max did it first, and you'd better ask just to be sure. They do, however, want milk in a cup to drink with their cereal.

Sarah, I didn't say anything about being silent. Max laughed so hard we got stares at least twice at the Waffle House. We giggled a LOT at the library, but the place is incredibly small (new library opens in October, about ten times bigger) and over crowded and as Max said at one point, "this isn't much of a library as far as the noise goes." What can I say? We both have an immature and warped sense of humor and there's something about 5-addend addition to the thousands place with regrouping that really cracks us up.

Like I said, I don't know if it'll work long term, but I sure hope it does.