Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sunday Afternoon

I'm halfway through a big day. Well, not quite halfway since I have a deadline like nobody's business at start of business day tomorrow morning and I suspect it's going to run into the night to meet it. But the most physically and emotionally draining parts of today's to-do list are done.

There was church. We were late but I gather Penn State must be getting ready to start soon because everybody including the Bishop was on vacation. I only had three kids in Max's Sunday school class (I'm subbing for the whole month) which is good because it's really all I can handle. I cheated today. I brought M&Ms. But by golly, we got through the lesson with model behavior.

I gave a little presentation at the start of Relief Society and handed out a food storage questionaire to help me set some goals for this group.

:::pauses as she spies a ball of wool sitting nearby on the bookshelf and the Advisary whispers in her ear to toss her responsibilities aside and go knit:::

Where was I?

Oh yeah, so then it was back to Primary to watch over my class and before I knew it, Church was over. We headed home. I got Max started on lunch and then before I could chicken out, I put on my ugliest shorts, an old t-shirt, and my lawn-mowing sneakers. We haven't mowed the lawn in :cough:amonth:cough: Actually, I think it was five weeks. The first two and a half weeks we didn't have to. High heat and no rain = no grass growth. Yeah, that! In the meantime, a wasp nest was establishing itself in an old ground squirrel hole in the yard. They were well-behaved wasps and I really thought nothing of it. Chris apparently was imagining all the ways they were going to kill him the next time he mowed the lawn. I thought this was very funny but once I understood what was keeping him from mowing the lawn I knew I'd lose this particular wait-it-out battle. I would have mowed two weeks ago but I'd always remember at 2:00 in the afternoon and frankly, it's been too blasted hot.

So I mowed. It *was* hot and the wasps *were* irritated at me. I waited until the very end to mow as close as I dared to their hole and in the end my solution was to put a big rock over their hole and then mow quickly. The rock didn't keep them from coming out, but it bought me a little time while they figured it out. The grass is still long for about 8 inches around that hole. I still think it's funny. The rest of the yard looks just fine. I filled the compost bin and mowed about a third of the back yard -- the other two-thirds hadn't grown enough in its constant shade to bother.

Then it was back inside to shower, have lunch, and blog. I'd better get to work. If I make my deadline in the morning I'm rewarding myself with a Monday off to knit and focus on the kids.

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