Monday, August 01, 2005

:::skootching over to more comfortable chair:::

I'm an hour ahead of myself tonight as I ran out of patience around 7:30. Max had gone over to his friend's house to play after dinner and the twins were rummaging around looking for trouble and feeling sorry for themselves since they couldn't go to Brian's house. So I offered to read to them. We tried the living room but Emily was adament that we could too throw her ball and read together at the same time, so we headed back to my room to read on the big kingsize bed. A dozen books later I was ready to konk out and the twins were still in a position to fight off sleep for another hour or two, so I kissed them and told them to go to bed and got up while I still could. They had to be put back to bed twice more in the next fifteen minutes, but then they stayed. I did a load of dishes, took the dogs out to do evening dog things, tidied the kitchen some more, and then called Max home. It's 10 of nine and all the minions are in bed. That has got to be a record. Still, I need to finish a work project tonight so that I can be caught up by early evening tomorrow. It's a big day and I want to go watch everything with a clear conscience. Max's last summer swim practice is tomorrow morning. Then tomorrow afternoon is Max's first football practice ever. Assuming he survives that with no structural or neurological damage, he'll go to his last summer swim meet straight from football practice. Crud, that reminds me. I have to send his health insurance company some more paperwork.

I love to knit. I hate to weave in the ends and I'm afraid to wash and block this shawl. But by golly it'll be in the mail on Friday or you can all toss cyber tomotoes at me.

And back to work :)

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