Thursday, August 11, 2005

Showing Off

So here is my sister-in-law modeling the shawl I made for her. I didn't get any photos of it before I sent it off in June, so I begged her for a photo, knowing it would look better on her anyway. This was a mohair shawl from the same book there on the left as the Wigwam shawl. It was also the first project I finished in a reasonable amount of time (March to June while moving and working) since I picked up the needles after my two-and-a-half year baby twins break. [As an aside, I'd bet money she made those earrings herself. She beads.]

Yeah, I know, she's prettier than the shawl, but they go well together, don't you think? (Thanks Jess :)

1 comment:

Dy said...

She's a lovely lady, and the shawl is perfect! Wow, you're so cool!