Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I'm happy


So the new routinish schedule is going well. We're only three days into things but I like it a lot so far. I haven't quite nailed the sleep aspect of things which means we can't quite seem to get out the door when we mean to, but each morning we've done better. There is one perk -- my laptop battery is only good for three hours anyway and I can't find a plug at the library, so thus far, 3.5 hours has worked out fine. The last half hour I'm just hanging out with Max in the library and reading him spelling words or whatever.

It's been surprisingly productive. I even made it to the post office today which I'd been putting off for at least a week. I have a photograph I need to mail. Maybe I'll get that out tomorrow.

Anything could happen.

I focused on a different client this week and that's made for a very pleasant week. I've been able to get more done at the library, even with Max there to prod along, than I was in the same amount of time at home. AND they have free wireless. How cool is that?

Other little bits and pieces of life continue to unfold. Football practice is going well this week. He's no prodigy, but he's enthusiastic and really trying hard to learn the game. We're proud of him (and frankly, I think he's only showing off his great brain power when he demonstrates he's still a little afraid of the ball. It's a big, hard ball covered in leather.) I finally got some answers about how the YMCA team is structured, when the true swim meet season is, and other KEY bits of information about that program. Apparently I should have bypassed the coach eons ago and contacted a parent on the board. Who knew? So much to my surprise I've learned that the season won't even start until fully a month after I was originally told it would (by YMCA staff), that the meets won't start until mid-October, and that the season goes through February. This is good as football will be good and over by half-way through the season and so it's okay to pass up some meets to go to football games because there will be meets to go to once football is over.

Alright. As good as things are, I still do have some work to do tonight. I'd rather knit, but, oh well. I'm nearly halfway done with that colorful sweater and I'm on the second skein of yarn on the blue sweater for myself :) I'm definitely getting some knitting done.

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Dy said...

Oh, Alaska, keep posting these things. I want normal. I want routine. I cannot wait to have a safe space to hum and watch the process at work. :-)

Happy thoughts.