Friday, August 26, 2005

In Which I Thelma and Louise It All By Myself

Sometimes you just need a good night's sleep. And another one. And another one. And then, some more . . .

And sometimes you just need two whole days in a row where you don't have to type for more than twenty minutes at a sitting.

Sometimes you think, "That's it! I'm taking two days off!" and it turns into five :) Okay, well, technically, I should look quickly through a folder today and get rid of it. And technically yesterday and today I spent 20 minutes doing some very minor revisions to a few files and then sending them back to the person who sent them to me. But it's not work in the usual deadline racing sense. Nope.

I am still SO tired. It's funny how once you finally start to get caught up on missing sleep that you find out just exactly how over drawn you were. And then on night three the weird dreams kick in because apparently your brain had a backlog of weird dreams to watch.

So what have I accomplished so far during my wild ride away from reality? Well, really, not very much. I did some knitting:

Isn't that a pretty colorway?

Main Entry: col - or - way
Function: noun
Date: 1952
: a color or arrangement of colors

Yep, I was four inches into it when I figured out that I'd somehow lost my mind and completely miscalculated the number of stitches required. It would fit the baby perfectly when he's about, oh, four.

I had to rip it all out. Let's look at the colors again.

So I knit half a dishcloth for a swap I'm in instead.

I'll start the soaker again today.

Today is the day I finally do the canning I've been trying to do since Wednesday. Off to do that. I leave you with one more reason you should move to State College, too: walking your dog at dusk.

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