Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Mmph, mmph, mmph

I can't blog about work because that would be breaking ten of my own rules about blogging. Mercy I sure want to.

::::goes and kicks the wall::::

On the upside I do have one work project that is doing just fine and most of the time I get to work on that. A shame they won't pay me for another 45 days.

1 day. 2 days. 3 days. 4 days. . . .

:::presses reset button:::

Let me hunt around here a bit. There must be something worth blogging about. School is going well. We've worked from home the last two days just because it seemed a good idea at the time. He definitely pokes along more slowly at home. On the other hand, we've kicked booty at the piano. And it's been great for me not to have to schlep the 50 lbs of materials that the "45 day" job requires in and out of the truck to the library. The only content area still to be "worked in" to the schedule is writing. I've got grammar, two latin programs, two math programs, phonics/spelling, reading, handwriting, and music theory all going great guns. But we haven't started writing yet. I'm giving myself till September 1st. Things can fall apart when you try to assimilate them all at once. For now, I get to work more effectively and do a lot of the schooling and that's yummy.

Chris is doing well with the twins. The house is cleaner. Football is going well. If only it weren't so blasted hot and muggy. If only I could . . . bleah.

And I know, I know. I have to let God take care of the details. It's only my job to work very hard at the opportunities provided me and to not fret about about the stuff out of my control.


Dy said...

I hear ya on the hot 'n muggy. That's been the one and only drawback to living here. I try to ignore it. (It's not working, but I'm still trying.)

But just think, in about a month, the temps will begin to drop, the breezes will return to carry the smells of pumpkin and apple pies down the street. The leaves will begin their amazing festival of color and thanksgiving. Oh, and you'll just want to be absorbed into all of it! Puppies in the leaves and hot chocolate in thermos bottles at the games... it's good.

(And that concludes the "Imagery That Keeps Dy Sane")


Prime Minister said...

I get teary-eyed thinking about what this place will look like when the leaves turn. :)