Friday, August 12, 2005

I'm Starting to Catch On

So all along I've wondered what the catch is with State College. We've moved to -- for a part-mormon liberal democrat family -- the most perfect place on Earth. It's cheap, it's beautiful, the people are friendly, there's plenty to do, it's extremely family friendly, and it has a Wegmans! Why isn't everyone rushing to sell their expensive, over-taxed home where they have to work too hard and moving HERE? You can see SOOOO many stars. Isn't that reason enough?

But I'm starting to catch on to State College's Dark Side. They may be a little twisted in one small regard. I present to you EXHIBIT A:

Now, the Minnesotans were a bit off about their football. The people we bought the house from called us two days after we moved in because they were homesick for their violent "Vikings" purple shag carpet. I had to break the news to them that since I knew we were replacing it, I hadn't bothered to put down a drop cloth while I painted (two days into a new house is too late for me and my paint brush, kwim?)

And for all I know, this year they convinced Edy's to make a Vikings ice cream flavor, but they were, obviously AN ENTIRE STATE.

I'm beginning to wonder if maybe we shouldn't buy more bicycles. Just how passable will the roads be around here on game days?

"Eat to the bottom of this carton to see if you're a winner!" Oh yeah, somewhere out there is a very, very sick rabid football fan.

Of course I bought it! It's got caramel filled chocolate footballs in it. How cool is THAT?!?

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scrappyjill said...

Save some for me!?!?