Friday, August 05, 2005

Pass the Ginger Ale, Please

So everyone but Max has a bug today. I had the tummy bug. The twins have colds. Chris has both. Poor Chris. He's obviously been smooching on WAY too many people.

I finally finished my Step-mom's 60th birthday present. (Her birthday was in January. Oops.) I actually finished it a week ago but it took me another week to get around to sitting down with needle and thread and tacking the ends of the ribbon in place just to be safe. I didn't trust the ends to come unwoven the first time it was drycleaned.

The pictures don't quite do it justice but you get the idea -- it's finished :)

This is one of the new projects (color is called "Way Cool"). This is the back of a simple hoodie that I'm making for Milo. Jill says it's too girly. I'll wait until it's done, but if she's right, the yarn (Hip Hop by Berroco) comes in plenty of more boyish shades and my local yarn shop has a bunch of them. The pattern is ultra simple, but I wanted something that I could maybe finish in a week or two this time. Some immediate gratification.

That said, I never KNEW it was morally okay to have more than one project on the needle until I started reading knitting blogs. That this WAS okay was a complete revelation -- and that it could be considered GOOD (because it dramatically drives up the employment rate of your stash, which permits some inflationary tactics at the yarn store since, after all, you're "using up" some of your stash) was life changing. Life can get kind of stressful with all this life happening and being able to pick the project that best fits a given need or mood is really wonderful. Need to feel like you're capable of making great strides in a small amount of time? Pick up big, bulky hoodie project. Want to feel clever and advanced? Pick up complicated 16-row sweater project. Creative, albeit past the point of practicality? Pick up that seeded stitch preschooler pants project. Giving and aunt-ish? Pick up those soaker pants. And of course, today I wound up a ball of mohair so I could start a pair of socks and feel an affinity to the Yarn Harlot.

So yeah the internet! My yarn stash thanks you, my local yarn store thanks you, and my happy hands thank you.


Anonymous said...

You may notice I'm still avoiding doing what I should be doing...but just had to say that I did not ever say the yarn was too girly....I just said it would look great on Grace...hinthint...

Please keep working on your "real" work (that which pays the mortgage)so we can play on Sunday. You did tell me to bug ya. I probably need someone to bug me right about now. Something along the lines of "Go to bed already!!"

The shawl looks great BTW.

The Queen said...

Ooh! Good nagging. See? I was just about to rationalize going to garage sales to find canning jars.

I'll call and nag you, too :) Maybe you can still do some of that ironing over here. I'll even vacuum my living room for you so we can pretend it doesn't normally look like it did yesterday.

You didn't *say* girly but *meant* girly ;)

The Prime Minister said...

I'll say it. That yarn is GIZZ to the IZZIRLY! If I remember right, I looked at the half-knitted thing for Milo and said "You'll make him run funny, honey"

The Queen said...

So I'll take that as express permission to go out and buy seven new skeins in a darker color, plus seven MORE for a matching sweater for Ben.