Monday, February 20, 2006

Charlotte's Olympic Project

From Charlotte:

I am quite pleased with my progress, if not my product. There is a clearly demonstrated moebius half twist. I have 10 inches, and must go to 15 or 16, before I knit a totally baffling boarder on it, and then must block it. Should be doable. My dissatisfaction with the product is we all know the correct definition of lace is, "a PATTERN worked by hand in yarn or string fine enough to make a nun curse" Mine has no pattern- I am knitting froth. There is some small hope that the blocking will bring it out, but when it is a surprise when one ends the round with the pattern intact, one does not expect miracles.

And Charlotte's cat, Tabby, saying, "Would someone tell her that turning on the heat is NOT a waste of our nation's valuable resources?"

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