Friday, February 10, 2006

It is justice, isn't it?

After thinking it wouldn't really matter if I cheated a bit with a headstart on the first twin sweater, the irony that I have just spent the first evening of the olympics knitting a half-dozen swatches trying to hit gauge with a pattern I hadn't planned to use and yarn that isn't even the same fiber as the one called for, has not escaped me. (Even if my writing skills have.)

I briefly considered switching to the prettier deep blue cotton/acrylic blend that my grandmother bought for me fourish years ago, but I couldn't make gauge on that one at all. So I'm back to the Nantucket recycled cotton. This is really good news as the 2nd Time Cotton wasn't really impressing me. It isn't evenly spun--very tight in some places, too loose in others. But I have so flippin' much of it. If I don't turn it into two adorable sweaters in the next two weeks I might as well eBay it as I'll never want to touch it again.

The blue cotton my grandmother bought for me however, I'm just looking for any good excuse to use it. I'll gladly pick it up again.

It's 11:55, December 10th. I'm off to cast on 143 stitches and complete two rounds before bed.

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