Saturday, February 25, 2006

When is an SSK not an SSK?

An SSK is never an SSK. An SSK is really an SSPTBL. Or something. It had been a bit since I hit an SSK in my knitting pattern and I hit this point late at night the first time I hit it. I thought, um, okay--slip twice as if to knit, then, well, knit! Right? Wrong. You slip twice as if to knit, stab them through the front of those needles with the old needle and then wrap the loop around the new needle in something that seems like purling through the back of the loops . . . it's a mess.

I have nothing to complain about. I've SSK'd since the dawn of my knitting experience. I have no idea why I suddenly had brain damage and SKK'd improperly. All I know is, it's not good. Here is sweater #1. Not too bad.

I'm only this far along--it won't be too painful to rip back four rows and do it right.

But here's sweater #2. This is going to hurt. I was already five rows into the seed-stich placket thing. I was going to go buy buttons this morning.

But it didn't look RIGHT. So I investigated and sure enough--there's just no excuse. Me and Lyndsey whatshernoodle who grabbed her snowboard and lost the gold. There may be no recovery from this. I have 29 pages to write this weekend. I know for a fact that four of those pages are time consuming. The others go quickly--but how quickly? There's still TWENTY-FIVE of them!

I took the sweaters to the yarn store to get the buttons. I showed everyone my brain fart. I asked for opinions.

They said leave it.

I said but there's two--they have to match.

They said, "Make the same mistake on the other one."

I nodded at the wisdom of this. I bought my buttons. I came home.

I CAN'T DO IT!! It's one thing to leave in an error that you think noone might really notice.

I was totally cool with this one:

There's a stitch I dropped there and in feeding it back up the edge it popped out a bit from the other around it. It's on a back seam. Noone will notice. I knit on.

But it's a WHOLE NOTHER BALL OF WAX to intentionally make the same mistake in an entirely different sweater.

Sigh . . .

I was so proud. See my creative use of office supplies when I ran out of stitch markers and stitch holders? Binder clips and binder rings. I'm a genius!

But there was nothing to be done for it.

I'm off to pick up 281 stitches. Then, I promised myself 15 pages complete before I pick up the needles to go forward.

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