Saturday, February 11, 2006

Knitting Olympics in the News

Over at NPR

At Oregon Live

And I can see a link at MSNBC when I google it, but can't find the actual reference on the page.


I'm embarrased to keep posting today--what can I say? I've thrown myself into the idea of a REAL Saturday with gusto. So no, I'm not working. I only get up to feed the kids, answer the phone (maybe), and pee. I'm listening to podcasts. So far one Dave Ramsey and one Cast-On. I also finally went over to iTunes and downloaded song after delicious song using the gift card that my brother gave me for Christmas. I have to burn them all to CD and then upload them again to my computer in order to strip the stupid ipod-iness from them so that my ordinary old mp3 player can play them, but whatever. I got music good enough to make it worth the trouble. I've noticed recently that I'm WAY more focused on work while listening to music over headphones.

Otherwise, while checking the pattern at one point from this book

I noticed that the pattern I'm working from is in the 4 to 6 hr chapter. At first I felt some guilt. How had I inadvertantly picked the fastest knit sweater on the planet? I kept knitting, taking an hour to knit two inches, and realized that it was either an editorial error or that time ONLY applies to the first size mentioned in the size chart. I checked the size chart. Sure enough. This sweater comes in the following sizes:

0-6 months
6-12 months
1-2 years
2-4 years
4-6 years
6-8 years
8-10 years

My boys are barrel chested and they keep all their length in their abdomen. So they're size 5/6 in shirts right now and size 5T in pants. When I thought to MEASURE Ben before just picking a size and casting on, it was clear that our best fit is the 6-8 year size, although I expect it to be a smidge on the big size. Good, I'd like them to be able to wear them next year.

So. If I go by stitches knit, then the four inches of sweater I have done would probably be the entire front and back of that 0-6 month sweater. Note to self: next time I knit this pattern, make it for nephew-to-be.

Well, back to knitting and wandering the internet.

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