Saturday, February 11, 2006

Knitting Olympics, Post 3

Ok, Chris may have had a point when he told me I should go to bed last night at 12:30 instead of trying to knock out a few rows, but in a certain mood, I can't be deterred. I was midway through the fourth row (or, about 500 stitches into a seed-stitch border) when I realized that for the first time ever in my life . . .

I'd twisted the stitches when I joined.

Served me right.

But I was NOT going to go to bed with nothing but a bunch of wrinkled cotton yarn to show for 8-ish total hours of knitting. So I cast on AGAIN and very, very, very carefully joined AGAIN and knit 459 stitches and went to bed.

Then I slept till 10am. I only woke up because I had a poodle snoring in my ear.

It's 12:30. I spent some time updating the other site, checking my email, and then did two more rounds. Now I'm off to feed the kids and then settle back into my green chair. I do have to do some work today, but not immediately.

The promised snow? No sign of it yet :(

1 comment:

Writing and Living said...

Oooh, the agony of, well, not defeat, but a setback.

Just think what an inspiring post-Olympic special this will make, though.