Thursday, February 16, 2006

Tappity Tappity Tap

I worked today. I washed laundry and wrote some student edition text. I almost never do student edition text aimed at first graders. Fourth graders--sure. First graders? They give me the assignment, I say, "Um, that's not my strength" and they laugh their laugh because that Alaska, she can be self-depreciating, and then I turn in the student edition text and they . . . realize that sometimes a text-book writer knows her strengths and weaknesses after seven years. I write and edit first grade TEACHER'S EDITION.

But here I am, writing student edition text.

In this case, the person who might otherwise say, "Alrighty then! Here, do this instead," does not have the time at all, so she keeps very, very patiently trying to teach me the correct way to talk to a six year old. I am working at it. But even though I'm done with nearly an entire unit, I am loathe to send her the pages. I do not want her to read them. I want to write the accompanying teacher's edition text. It would make her happy. She *says* I'm being very helpful and she appreciates the help and all I can think is that she must be very. very. very. busy.

Well, thank goodness.

So that is what I did today. I bought some new children's poem books, hunted about for some children's literature books I need and wrote a lot of short little questions over and over and over.


On the upside, I brought into the world today my very first cable-knit sweater. I love this yarn, I love this pattern--Oliver is definitely getting one, but not this one. This one is pink. I don't recall ever having knit ANYTHING pink before. It's pretty darn adorable. I'll take a picture later. Right now I'm waiting for Chris to bring caffeine. I need to write some more short little questions before I can go to bed tonight.


JoVE said...

I hate when stuff like that happens. Why is it that people think they know better than we do what we are good at. Glad you are sort of enjoying the process of learning to write for 6 year olds, though. And the sweater sounds nice.

The Queen said...

I wouldn't go so far as to say that I hate it--sometimes I *do* but in this case, no--it's just a case of wishing my learning curve wasn't such a gradual slope in this area. *Everything* else about the project is top notch. I *love* the people, the company, the pay, and most of the project will center around the things I do well. We're just at the beginning and I've been assigned to help tie up loose ends in an area that happens to be my weakest.

PuppDaddy said...

self-depreciating: the act of decreasing one's own resale value.