Saturday, February 25, 2006

Seven Degrees of Geek

I'm not as nerdy as some, never was. It helped that I wasn't seriously handicapped by acne or bad hair. I quit band after 8th grade. I went into theatre but in the geek world, theatre is cool and in the non-geek world--well, I guess I wouldn't know.

I was good at math, but only my teacher noticed. I picked up computers early on--but when you're a nerd, you hang with nerds--I didn't catch on that this was still special until I got to college and found that most of the other students didn't know how to check their own email. Email back then was different. It was in-network only. I could only get email from other people at my own college or from other colleges with the same network. I had two friends who attended schools where they *could* have sent me email--but they didn't know how to use the email system.

Compared to Chris, I'm an uber Geek. I admit, I never played Dungeons and Dragons--okay, wait, maybe twice. But Chris, as geeky as he was (and he WAS), still rose above the other geeks for two reasons:

1) His music was not geeky.
2) He got the lead roles. All of them.

I didn't get the music. I still don't really get the music although I can appreciate that some of it really has something to say. But tonight as I bob my head more or less (Chris will say, "less") in time to Mercy Me on the headphones and type along--the worst of the work out of the way and cruising hopefully towards that point tonight when I can turn off the computer and start trying to regain my knitterly competitive edge--it's occuring to me that I'm doing NOTHING to discourage my kids from thinking Mom is soooo uncool. She is geeking out to Christian Rock!!!

It's true. Alaska the Uncool. (Better than Ethelred the Unready, no?) Good thing we gave them some good looks. Maybe they can attract some beautiful young hip brilliant woman to bring us some cool, hip genes for the grandchildren.

I'm off, Barenaked Ladies just came on the headphones and I might have to get up and dance badly.


slawebb said...

I'll work on the hip part. I think my girls have everything else. ;)

Eliza said...

I have hips, but last I checked they were not hip ; )