Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I'm Stuffed

I celebrated an excellent day of work (capped with an email letting me know I'd done a fine job of writing for the grade 1 kids--maybe there's hope for me after all!) with a big meal and now I'm stuffed.


I really need to get over to Belleville though to buy more white flour because 100% whole-wheat flour french bread just isn't quite the same . . .

News. Hmmm. Well I finished the first twin sweater and I'm well into the placket on the second sweater. I might, possibly, finish it tonight. We'll see.


Aunt Charlotte said...

Hi! I metaled! Finished blocking the mobius during the Closing Ceremonies. Gazed lovingly at it for the rest of the evening. Pics to follow.

The Queen said...

Yay, you!! Send me the pics, I'll post :)