Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Knitting Stimulates Growth in language, patterning, and humor portions of the Brain

I made that up, but doesn't it seem like some of the wittiest blogs belong to knitters? I love my homeschoolers but occasionally I visit a homeschooling blog that makes me wince and want to spread the word about the wonders of Wellbutrin. Or tequila. Or something. (I know I'm an imperfect Mormon, but I AM a stone-cold sober one in the sense of alcohol free, and yet I still sometimes wonder if some people wouldn't benefit . . . it's just a thought.)

The knitting world seems to be chock FULL of people that make me want to load up the truck with kids and dogs and go on a winter-long knitting road trip. I'd head to Canada and meet Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. I'd have my picture taken with her and make her sign all my copies of her books. I'd post it on the blog like the celebrity hound I am. While I'm up there I'd swing over to Manitoba and go spend the week messing up Sarah's house. We'd have to bake and can and knit all week. I'd go meet Barbara at Effervence because she just sounds so sweet and she's a homeschooler AND a knitter. (I make that sound uncommon, but you know . . . bedmates more often than not.) I'd visit Donna because I think if maybe I rubbed her palm or borrowed a shirt or something, some of that incredible patience she has might rub off on me. And her taste in good art. There are so many others out there that make me LAUGH SO HARD and then want to go jump into my truck--yes, me, the introvert--to meet them.

My latest secret love affair is with this guy. He's funny, he draws like a New Yorker Cartoonist, (Maybe he is a New Yorker Cartoonist?), he can design lace, not just knit it, and he has a knack for writing about the elephant noone else will mention. His post the other day about the earnestness of knitting articles about men wanting to reassure everyone that there are lots of STRAIGHT MEN KNITTING was just precious. I high-fived him mentally. The other day he mentioned he was going to be at a Stitch-and-B*tch in New York and my immediate inclination was to start dressing the boys in traveling clothes.

Lucky for them [wonderful employer who must not be named, for I will not be dooced] expects me to produce and I will refrain from becoming a blogger-hounding gypsy. Although it would certainly give me more time to teach the twins to read (I'm assuming that Chris is driving in this fantasy--I wouldn't leave him at home, no matter how much he might beg).

So instead I will satisfy myself by sharing him with you.


Hornblower said...

I totally agree with you!
I almost got to meet the Yarn Harlot when she was here in Vancouver for a book signing. Alas I had to be at dh's corporate summer picnic event....I'm still bummed that I couldn't clone myself.
And I read the Panopticon too & love, love, love his cartoons and his knitting & just everything.
But my current favourite is Yarnstorm
She knits, she sews, she cooks & she takes gorgeous photos. She's in England so that would add an a plane trip to your road trip but oh, it would be SO worth it....

The Queen said...

Oh, Hornblower! What a wonderful gift you've given me! What a satisfying read!

Jay said...

I think knitters in general are just a lovely bunch of people and your kids could do a lot worse than learn to knit. I certainly wish I was taught to knit when I was younger - I would have learned patience a lot earlier in life, when I really needed it, as well as perseverance and attention to detail. All good things. I have to agree with you about Franklin at the Panopticon... he is great, isn't he?!

Donna Boucher said...

I was not so patient when my three olders were little...
I have gained patience thru aging.

I am a gentler mom with Katie.

And by the way....
Knitters Rock!

They are funny and crafty and seriously good writers!

I, too, have Mr. Panopticon bookmarked :o)