Friday, February 10, 2006

Oh yeah, Max, oh mighty future fifth grader . . .

has announced he wants to go back to EPGY. Awww, isn't that nice? He wants a more challenging program! Now. Which of his brothers should I sell to pay for it?**

**They actually have a really generous scholarship program. Please don't let me scare you off if you have a child who is extraordinarily fluent with mathematics. It's just that even at full scholarship, it can't compete with the cost of a good used Saxon program bought off eBay.


Eliza said...

I think I snorted an all-natural Cheeto whole when I saw that price. I think you'd need to sell both of the twins, or breed Emily, to pay for it.

Though I did have a very funny, to me, mental conversation fly through my head -

Vice Unit Police Officer - 'Ma'am, why are you down in this part of town wearing that skimpy outfit?"
Woman with Black Bar Across her Face - "Uhm, trying to get and expensive math program?"
Vice Officer - "Why do these panties say 'Not a denim jumper'?"
Woman "Oh, it's a home schooling joke"

JoVE said...

But wow what a great resource if one needs it...