Thursday, February 23, 2006

Cough, Cough, Whhhheeeeeee

[to blues beat]

I woke up this mornin'
Crawled out of bed.
Coughin' and hackin',
But not quite yet dead.
I put on my clothes,
I think they were clean
I can't quite be sure,
who cares--they were jeans.

The baby was hungry,
(He told me so.)
He wanted cheese bread.
So I made some dough.
My big boy said "Mom,
we're out of dog food,"
so I scrambled the eggs
and fed them some, too-d.

I needed more words
to appear on the paper
but [needle-scrapes-across-record-sound]

I couldn't get anything done. So I grabbed the keys and went to the post office where the last of the Olympic Yarn I needed was waiting. (That was some seriously fast shipping from Angelika's Yarn Store--and it was very nicely packaged.) From there I went to the Woo-Woo health food store. I don't really like this place. No reason. It's just not a warm, welcoming place. It feels . . . stuck up, somehow. But they had herbal throat-calming tea and I wanted that.

Back home I made the tea, yum, but now my cough was more noticeable. So I took some cough medicine. [Then I got an unexpected email sending me another day's worth of work that should really be turned in on Monday.] But an hour later I was STILL coughing so I had two puffs of albuterol.

And then, the albuterol and the cough medicine got together and threw a wild party. I could still work, (probably because I wasn't second-guessing myself every three minutes), but that was it. No walking (at least not in straight lines). No driving. Needless to say, Chris left five minutes ago to take Max to his group piano lesson.

Wheeeeeee. I sit still and yet I move. Unfortunately, after three hours, the cough is back. I don't dare take more albuterol lest I start levitating.


Eliza said...

I'm interested to know if you knitting on cough meds and asthma meds is anything like spiders spinning webs in outer space.

Just imagine what you'd be like if you had a Mountain Dew!

Aunt Charlotte said...

AWWWW Feel better honey! You are still an Olympian and can work through the pain.
I, on the other hand, am feeling fine and in good control of my event. I am working on the baffeling boarder and expect to finish today. That only leaves blocking tomorrow!!! Yea!!!!